Timothy Pritzl, President / CEO –  NMLS #1066235

Gail Thieme, Accounting & IT Specialist

Marina Randrup, Lender – NMLS #1323601

Shannon Deleasky, Loan Processing

Kristi Lange, Loan Assistant

Stacey Mason, Loan Assistant

Reneta Thums, Operations Manager

Jessi, Customer Service Representative

Nancy, Customer Service Representative

Rebecca, Customer Service Representative

General e-mail Address: ( cfb@cfbanker.net )


IMPORTANT!  For your safety and security, when sending an email to Community Financial Bank, please do not include account numbers, social security numbers, birthdates, or any other personal information within the content of the email.  There is always a small risk that information transmitted via Internet email could fall into the wrong hands.


Some browser pop-up blockers may prevent the new email window from opening.  It may be necessary to disable your pop-up blocker before continuing.


DO NOT RESPOND to email scams that ask you for your account number or username, credit card number, and personal identification numbers.  Email messages that ask for this type of information are fraudulent, and should be reported immediately.  We will never contact you and ask for this information.