NetTeller Announcements & Alerts

Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability

April 11, 2014


Yesterday an assessment was completed to ensure there wasn’t any possible vulnerabilities of the NetTeller products and services to the now highly publicized “Heartbleed Bug” and are happy to report we believe your NetTeller solutions to be unaffected and not vulnerable.


As a precaution, the vendor is doing a secondary review today of their solutions.  It is important to note that solutions such as NetTeller and iPay using Microsoft IIS are not vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.  We have contacted third party vendors with whom we do business and have asked them to disclose if they have taken steps to mitigate any Open SSL vulnerabilities.


We have received several calls regarding online banking.  The NetTeller and iPay Jack Henry Associates products do not have vulnerabilities;


We highly recommend that you contact third party vendors with whom you do business (anything that is accessible through the web) and ask them to confirm that they have mitigated any Open SSL risk.


With regard using NetTeller online banking, the good news is that they are not vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug, however you should confirm that of your third party products.  Consumers should be advised to be certain that they are using precautions to protect themselves by frequent password changes, securing confidential information, using industry leading fraud security products on their online devices to detect any viruses, avoiding suspect websites, and ignoring/deleting any emails from unknown entities.