NEW External Link Notification for Online Banking/NetTeller


We added an EXTERNAL LINK notification to the website.  This link will pop-up with NetTeller, Deluxe check orders, community links, etc.  To continue to the Online Banking/NetTeller sign on page, select “Visit Online Banking” on the external link notice.

This notice is to inform customers that they are leaving the Community Financial Bank (CFB) website.

The Online Banking/NetTeller link is monitored by CFB but the actual NetTeller online banking product is not a component of the CFB website.  The CFB website provides you with an external link that connects you to the login page for NetTeller.

CFB monitors the Online Banking/NetTeller link for any malicious activity.

If you would prefer to go directly to the Online Banking site, the following link can be saved to your favorites or bookmarked.

To save the link to your favorites or bookmark the page, first click the “visit online banking” option on the external link.  Once the sign-on page is available, you are able to save the page to favorites or bookmark the page.  Another option would be to type in the link manually then save it to your favorites or bookmark the site.